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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the we affiliated with?
The SJR are part of the River Valley Youth Football League.

What version of  Football do we play?
Tackle. Our coaches have been trained to teach our participants how play safely.

Do cheerleaders have practice at the same time as football players?
Generally the answer is yes, with the exception that cheerleaders start practice 1/2 later than football players.

Do we travel?
Yes, but not too far. All participants are required to travel to all away games. .  Parents are responsible for getting the participants to and from all games.  Parent's are also required to stay with their children during all games.

How far away are the teams?
Travel times will be different each week depending on which team we are playing.

What age does my child need to be to participate?
Participants should be 5 to 14 years of age to participate in our Football and Cheer. After age 14 participants can participate in BMW ELITE SPORTS support program.  

BMW ELITE SPORTS is a program for athletes from 9th-12th grade that offers athletic training and academic support for participants.  The goal of BMW is to help young athletes have a better chance of achieving academic and athletic success which will in turn help them get into good colleges and have bright futures.  For more info about BMW, please contact us.

Is volunteering required?
Yes. Our organization is operated fully by volunteers that have a desire to help the youth.   In order to continue with the success of the program, participating families are required to provide no more than four (4) hours of service per child. We greatly appreciate all help that our SJR family gives.  We know that without you, there is no us.

When does the season begin?
The first day of practice is in July. The first game will be announced.  The season usually ends in October or November.  Playoffs will follow.

Where is practice?

During the summer months, all practices are held in the south suburban area of Chicagoland.  

What is the practice schedule like?
To be announced.

What  items are needed to register?

Parents need to complete our registration packet.  They should also bring (2) passport pictures, a copy of the child's birth certificate, a copy of the child's insurance information and the registration fee. 

What do parents need to provide football players for practice?

Football players need to have a 7 piece girdle, a mouth piece, a practice jersey/t-shirt to put over shoulder pads and cleats.  

Do parents need to provide beverages for practice?

Yes.  Parents should provide water or sports drinks for their children to have at ever practice.  Drinks should be labels with the child's name.  Children need to be well hydrated, especially when it is hot outside.  Coaches allow more frequent breaks during the summer heat.

Can parents donate items to the program?

Yes.   We are a non profit organization.  Your donations are needed and appreciated.  Please check with the administrative team for details.

Is pre-season conditioning mandatory?

No.  It is voluntary, but we do urge children to participate.  We provide conditioning prior to the season starting, mainly for children who are not involved in other sports, like baseball or track.  It is to condition the body for the upcoming season and helps a great deal.  


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